Bromwell PTA is hosting its annual Middle School Options Night on 9/25 at 5:30.  Click through for more information and to let us know if you can attend!
Bromwell PTA is hosting its annual expo-style Middle School Options Night on Tuesday, 9/25, from 5:30-7.  Traditional DPS, Charter and Denver-based independent schools will be available to distribute information and answer questions. Although the event is open to the school, the night is recommended for parents of 3rd – 5th grade students – AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR 4TH GRADE FAMILIES.  Here are some points generated from our 4th grade teachers, as well as from parents, about why understanding choices as early as 3rd and 4th grade can be helpful:
  • If you are anxious, don’t be.  There are lots of great options for middle school and you will find one, and likely more, that work for your family.  Getting acclimated to the options as a 3rd grade parent can help you feel more in control of the middle school choice experience, and it can help you lead your 4th grader’s experience (If that is what you want).
  • Given how busy the 5th grade fall experience is, 4th grade can be a good time to start a dialogue with your student and tour some schools together.  Additionally, it can be very helpful to learn about possible early admission requirements and various academic programming.  Certainly at independent schools, but even in DPS public/charter schools, there are situations where tests/auditions are required, or where nuanced policies can mean something to your student.  (Denver School of the Arts requires that students audition in the fall of their 5th grade year, and submit established portfolios.  Morey is the city’s HGT program, which kids must test into, and it is notable that GT designation does not guarantee entry into that program.)
  • Just a note not to wait until the end of your student’s 4th grade year to try and book DPS tours.  Many schools stop tours in March, right before testing.  If you’re interested in getting a grip on possibilities before your student enters 5th grade, be sure to look at tour schedules now and figure out what will work for your calendar.
  • Starting Fifth grade with a plan for middle school choice can take a significant amount of stress out of the equation – for you and your student (and any teachers/coaches that might need to help you by providing references etc.).  Fall of your student’s 5th grade year is when your family will be in the thick of it.  While this year’s choice deadline has not been released, last year first round was in February.  Back that out and, with school break, you’ll likely want tour/shadow days completed by November.  If you’re applying to independent schools, your timeline is likely to be even tighter. Our hope is that families leave this event with a good understanding of the application requirements for each school, their tour/shadow opportunities, and the application deadlines.
Getting informed now can make the process less stressful and more successful! Happy Navigating! Bromwell PTA [We invite an extensive list of schools based on logistics and past family recommendations.  If you have a suggestion to add we would love to hear from you.  Please email Erin at  All of these schools have been invited to this event, although not all may be able to attend.  We have also been looking for someone to take over managing this event.  If you are interested, please get in touch with Erin.] [helpful links]
  • The following links to DPS’ Choice and Enrollment page where you can find a variety of resources from handbooks that cover enrollment guidelines, to interactive district maps of schools, to budget information:
  • The following links to a list of all DPS Traditional and Charter schools, and each school’s website and enrollment information:
  • For everything SPF (School Performance Framework) visit this link:  Please note that there was no release of SPF in 2015 due to changes in state testing and a consequential lack of growth data.