Fourth Grade

Bromwell’s fourth grade teachers are Sarah Duran and Steve Replogle.

Sarah Duran

Sarah Duran





Why teaching?
Life is too short to not follow my passion

Colorado Springs, CO

Biggest risk you’ve taken?
Interning for 6 months at Walt Disney World

Favorite author?
Jennifer Weiner

Best part of teaching?
Watching the kids “aaha” moments

Favorite board game?

Funniest moment teaching?
Screaming while trying to teach how to pick up a crustacean in science

Steve Replogle

Steve Replogle


Battle Creek, Michigan

Why Teaching?
I think children are people at their best – innocent, smart, fun, thoughtful, creative, caring.

What’s on your iPod?
Most of Bob Dylan and the Beatles, also the Flobots, Over the Rhine, OK Go, Esperanza Spalding

Biggest risk you’ve taken?
Residency in the neighborhood where I teach! Naw, just kidding. Parenthood, obviously.

Who would you play in a movie?
I would love to play Merlin or Gandalf!


Hidden talent?
I sing tenor in a choir

Hero or Heroine?
Jack Kirby

Favorite moment teaching?
My next writing lesson, I think, is always going to be my favorite

Favorite Sport to play?