Bromwell’s second grade teachers are Sarah Damhof and Sarah Duran.

Sarah Damhof

Ms. Sarah Damhof

Ms. Damhof’s 2nd Grade website

Favorite food? Pepperoni Pizza Favorite noise? Hearing my daughter giggle Biggest risk you’ve taken? Moving to CO after college Hobbies? Skiing, going for walks with my daughter, and making jewelry Number and kind of pets? One dog named Toby, he is a mix of Beagle and Lab Best day of your life? It’s a tie, the day I met my husband and the day I met my beautiful baby girl, Sophie Favorite book or author? Oh, the Places You’ll Go Best part of teaching? Seeing the “lightbulbs” go off when students understand Favorite board game? Apples to Apples Dream vacation destination? Fiji Favorite sport to watch and why? Football, go Vikings! Favorite part of living in Colorado? Being able to go to the mountains for a little get away from the busy day to day life in the city.

Sarah Duran

Sarah Duran Why teaching? Life is too short to not follow my passion Hometown? Colorado Springs, CO Biggest risk you’ve taken? Interning for 6 months at Walt Disney World Favorite author? Jennifer Weiner Best part of teaching? Watching the kids “aaha” moments Favorite board game? Bananagrams Funniest moment teaching? Screaming while trying to teach how to pick up a crustacean in science.