In visual arts class at Bromwell, students work individually and in groups on concepts including:~ Personal expression & communication~ Giving physical form to ideas, feelings, and experiences~ Creative skill-building, working with materials, imagining new possibilities, and fostering perseverance~ Aesthetic awareness: sensitization to beauty in nature, and understanding multiple perspectives of humanity~ Culture & history: the knowledge that art is a universal and timeless language, yet also reflective of the time and place in which it was created.Bromwell Elementary has a reputation for supporting and collaborating with the local art community on a multitude of programs including the Gallery Walk, the Student Valentine Card Sale, Multicultural Week, and various school fundraising events.

Bromwell students have visual arts once a week.

Art Volunteers:
Come in and help with your child’s art class! It is a great way to help out, connect with what your child is doing while providing a minimum time commitment! The sign up calendar can be accessed here: *Please note the schedule rotates on an ABCD four day rotation reflected on the sign-up calendar. You can view the schedule specific to your child’s art class. Sign up by clicking on your child’s teacher’s name and fill your name in under the ‘who’ section. A maximum of three volunteers per class is requested unless otherwise noted by Mrs. Duffy. Parents are always welcome to stay longer and help with art displays, classroom organization or prepping materials.



Sarah Duffy

Why Bromwell?
Bromwell is the best! Since I first moved to Denver and started doing research about elementary schools I kept hearing wonderful things about Bromwell, from families, and friends. My ideal elementary school is one with involved families, small in size, supportive of the Arts and with amazing children and staff. I’m so happy and proud to be a part of the Bromwell community.

Alma Mater: University of California, Davis

Why teaching: I love art, working with children, and being a part of a school community.

Favorite food: Finnish pancakes

Favorite noise: The sound of children drawing

Least favorite noise: Running in the halls

Number and kind of pets: One orange tabby cat named Prince Harry and one Bernese Mountain dog named Sydney.

Hero or heroine: Wayne Thiebaud is my favorite artist, and I was fortunate to have him as a professor at UC Davis. I love Martha Stewart for her creativity, cooking and baking.