Membership of the PTA is $10 per person and does not obligate you to attend meetings or volunteer at the school although we hope that you will. We would love your time, talent and treasure! Every year the PTA fundraises to cover its budget through the October Annual Fund and the Auction held in March, as well as through the Book Fair, Community Dinners and the Farmer’s Market. The money raised through these annual events are spent by the PTA in two ways: the Faculty Grant and Direct Spending. The Faculty Grant is given by the PTA to Bromwell to support the educational needs of our children as determined by our Collaborative School Committee (CSC). In recent years, we have seen a reduction in the DPS budget due to state funding shortfalls, and Bromwell’s CSC has allocated the PTA grant to supplement staffing and other curriculum needs. The amount of the grant is determined each year based upon the PTA’s fundraising dollars, and helps Bromwell maintain daily operations in a manner that we have come to expect as standard, such as regular gym, art, library, additional para support and amazingly talented and experienced teachers. Last year’s grant covered the cost of 3 teachers and 3 paras (4 hours/day), among other expenses. Next year, the disparity between DPS’ funding and Bromwell’s budget is expected to be $566 per student, the same as it has been for the last number of years. As a result there is a goal to raise $175,000 for the Faculty Grant. Direct Spending by the PTA is money, of various amounts, that is given directly to support a number of activities including, but not limited to: classroom grants and supplies (e.g. iPads), the student assistance fund, teacher continued education, Carmel Hill Reading Project, technology, Playworks, community events (BooHoo WooHoo coffee, ice cream socials, science fair, art showcase), and PTA operations (school directory, PTA fees and accounting expenses). The list of activities is long! This year, there is a goal to raise $66,800 for PTA Direct Spending, or $216 per student. Consequently, and in aggregate, by the end of this school year the PTA is seeking to raise $782 per student to support the expected 2014/15 Faculty Grant and PTA Direct Spending budgets. For more information, see: