Additional Fundraisers at Bromwell

 Win Your Personal Parking Space

Purchase tickets for a chance to win your own Bromwell Parking Space. Hassle free parking for the school year, Priceless!
$25 per ticket or 5 for $100. Winner will be announced at Bromwell Movie Night on September 28th.
Click the box below to select # of tickets.



Every month a local restaurant partners with Browmell for a dine-out day and donates a percentage of their proceeds.

King Soopers and Safeway Shopping Cards

When you use King Soopers or Safeway shopping cards, 5% of what you spend goes back to our school.

Shopping Events

Visit our local retailers during shopping events and a percentage of the sale goes back to Bromwell.


Place your orders on Amazon through AmazonSmile and make Bromwell Elementary PTSA your desired location for kickbacks.