Teacher Gifts

If you would like to thank and appreciate our hard working and talented teachers and staff over the holidays, we wanted to explain how we can do that within the DPS parameters. Denver Public Schools has a policy that limits gift giving to $50 for DPS employees. We have worked hard to create a solution that abides by that policy and still allows our teachers and staff to be thanked. Please feel free to:

Give a gift card directly to a teacher or staff member up to $50.


Donate to a teacher’s PTA classroom account. Each teacher has a tax deductible account from which they can be reimbursed. (For example, if a teacher has $200 in their PTA account, they can purchase supplies for a science experiment and be reimbursed from that account.) To contribute to an account, please make a check payable to Bromwell Elementary and write in the memo line which teacher’s account you want it to go to, and leave it at the front desk or send it in your child’s folder.