Our need for parent volunteers is nearly constant. There is always room for someone who has the time and interest! If you’re interested in helping in the classroom, please contact your room parent. The following is a list of some current volunteer opportunities outside the classroom. Write the contact provided to get involved, or email bromwellpta@gmail.com to head up a vacant committee!

School Activities/Community Building

Academic Clubs Committee (VACANT)
It would be great for PTA to have a liaison to work with Bromwell’s Gifted and Talented teacher in promoting and facilitating academic clubs at our school, such as Math Olympians and Destination Imagination. This committee may also take on the role of magnifying the impact grade-specific activities have on our community (i.e., growing Mr. R’s Chess Tournament, providing greater promotion around the Shakespeare Festival, making more of an event out of the 5th grade science fair or 3rd grade architecture project).

Art Committee (VACANT)
Help multiply the artistic opportunity at Bromwell by holding art-related events and supporting art related activities (i.e., theatre, auction classroom projects) Please contact Sarah Duffy, Bromwell’s Art Teacher @ Sarah_Duffy@dpsk12.org to help.

Back to School Supplies Coordinator
Help teachers, and yourselves, stay sane. Instead of wandering through numerous box stores trying to find the best deal for your Bromwell student’s supplies for September, you can now order them online! Point, click, and avoid the lines! Information will be shared in April/May. If you have questions, or interest in helping, please contact Ashley Walker at aclanahan@gmail.com.

Bromwell Memories Committee (VACANT)
Help capture school memories by collecting photographs and stories in a manner that can be shared by all, and cherished by our graduating 5th graders.

Community Service Committee (VACANT)
Every February Bromwell’s art teacher helps the kids create special Valentine’s Day cards to sell the proceeds from which support a local nonprofit. During the card sale, Bromwell also holds a student marketplace, where kids sell home-made goods and give a percentage of their sales back to a local nonprofit. Contact Sarah Duffy, Art Teacher @ Sarah_Duffy@dpsk12.org to help.

We all need to ease the logistics in our lives! That is why Bromwell’s enrichment program is so adored by parents, and of course our children. Mind and body-stretching opportunities abound, from Movie Production and Science Matters to Tennis and Skateboarding. To suggest a class contact Ashley Walker at aclanahan@gmail.com

Family Forum Committee
The activities of this newly-established committee are two-tiered. First, we want to establish parent-led events on fun, academic topics for kids (i.e., beginning computer programming, world geography, spelling bees, colorado history, movie making). Please contact us to set up a parent-child event! Second, we will be voting on topics for all-family assemblies, where an expert will come to Bromwell and give a seminar that is useful to parents. Ideas include Online Citizenship, Raising Optimistic Kids, Critical Thinking Skills, Nutrition, Family Hiking/Camping Planning. Let us know what you want to see by contacting Erin Sorce at sorcefamily@mac.com.

Garden Committee
In partnership with Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) and Slow Food Denver, the Bromwell garden has provided fresh produce and outdoor learning to Bromwell’s students for over a decade. The garden consists of Bromwell family plots, school-dedicated plots that supply the cafeteria and offer students hands-on gardening experiences, and DUG community plots. In addition to managing the garden, we organize several farmers markets every year and support garden educational programs. A lottery for the Bromwell family plots is held in early April, but we welcome all who like to play in the dirt – especially if you’re a mean weeder! To get involved email bromwellgarden@gmail.com

Get Moving! Committee (VACANT)
There is interest in establishing a Girls on the Run program this March, for girls in 3-5th grade. We would need a coach to make this happen. If someone is interested in establishing a running club open to all kids, we would love that too! Bring your ideas to PTA and we’ll help make them happen!

Health Committee
Bromwell believes that students who are educated about food allergies are the first and best line of defense for those of our kids with food allergies. The week-long “Be a PAL” campaign is held just prior to Halloween. This committee helps our school nurse, Brooke Goudy, implement this campaign. Contact Brooke Goudy @ Brooke_Goudy@DPSK12.org to get involved.

Multicultural Week
This January, celebrate cultural diversity and be introduced to new world perspectives during Multicultural Week! To get involved call the Bromwell front office @ 720-424-9330.

Room Parent Coordinator
Room parents are critical at Bromwell. They not only help with classroom-specific activities, such as potlucks, but they also help promote fundraising and community events, and help coordinate activities like classroom creations for the auction. While the teachers identify their own Room Parents, if you’re interested in supporting a specials teacher (i.e., gym, art, library), please contact Anne Quallick at annequallick@hotmail.com. Also, if you need to promote an event/share information electronically through all classrooms, Anne should be your first stop.

Theatre Committee
November 6 -11 participate in the Missoula Children’s Theater Company’ performance of Gulliver’s Travels! Help promote this event and more theater opportunities by contacting Amy DeCamillis @ Amy@denverbiztechexpo.com or 720-244-0200.



Spring Annual Fund Committee
This committee coordinates the Annual Fund, a one-month drive that aims to solicit participation from 100% of the school. It’s a fun, short-lived volunteering opportunity that involves working with teachers and parents of all grades and aims to raise the bulk of the Faculty Grant. Get in the mix by contacting Amy Butz at amydbutz@gmail.com

This committee coordinates the annual fall auction, a core fundraiser for the school. There is always a need for help with marketing, acquisitions, classroom art creations, sponsorships, photography and more! Visit www.bromwellauction.org to learn more about the event, sponsorship opportunities, and acquisition needs. For more information, contact the Bromwell Front Office @ 720-424-9330.

Book Fair Committee, November 14-16
A perennial favorite at Bromwell that culminates in an evening event. Funds raised are split amongst teachers for classroom resources. If you are interested in this committee, please contact Erin Cole @ erinkiefercole@yahoo.com

Groceries for Bromwell Committee
This committee promotes grocery programs that provide regular kick-backs to Bromwell: Target, Safeway, King Soopers, and Mile High Organics. To receive a Safeway or King Soopers card contact Lisa Schwinghammer @ schwingsters@msn.com. To sign up for Target or Mile High Organics visit the Bucks 4 Bromwell page to find instructions. If you have ideas for additional grocery programs please contact bromwellpta@gmail.com.

Bucks 4 Bromwell Committee
This committee seeks out and promotes corporate giving programs (i.e., 20% of all class purchases from Pearl Street Fitness are donated to Bromwell when you insert the Bromwell promotional code at check-out). The committee also seeks out and promotes Restaurant Nights (i.e., fundraising dinners at area restaurants like TAG, Bad Daddy’s and Chipotle). As well as the newly-popular Mom’s Holiday Shopping Night Out. Take a look on the B4B page for our existing list of favorite vendors! If you are interested in helping this committee, please contact bromwellpta@gmail.com. If you have a great idea for a restaurant night, please contact Jennifer Turner at jenoturner@gmail.com

Box-Top Committee
Don’t throw your money away! Products from Cheerios to Kleenex, to Green Giant asparagus, to GoGurts and Hefty trash bags – they all have box-tops! Each box-top is worth 10 cents and the more of them you bring in to the school, the more money we can get through the box-top program. This committee promotes the program, establishes a collection system in the school, and makes submissions to the box-top program. If you are interested in this committee, please contact Yvette Karantounis @ Yvette_Karantounis@dpsk12.org

Bromwell Buddies Committee
If you have a corporate/foundation contact, we need your help! Contact VP Fundraising, Betsy McPherson at betsy.mcp@gmail.com to establish a time to bring your contact into the school to find a way to buddy-up that makes sense for everyone.