504 plan – An education plan outlining modifications and accommodations needed by a student with a qualified disability.

Accelerated Reader (AR) – A progress-monitoring software tool that enables schools to monitor the quantity and quality of their students’ reading practice. (See the Accelerated Reader web page.)

Annual Fund – our Spring fundraiser that generates 50% of the faculty grant. (See the Annual Fund web page.)

APR – All-Purpose Room (also known as the cafeteria)

Auction – Fall fundraiser and community party generating 50% the faculty grant. (See the Auction web page.)

AVID – outdoor education program, offering offsite instruction and team building for 4th and 5th Graders.

Balarat – DPS outdoor education center. 5th Grade residential program, Grades 3+ field trips available.

Community Restaurant Nights or Dine-Out – community building. A % of takings is donated to Bromwell by restaurants, not by parents. Two fundraisers each year, October Annual Fund and Auction, no wrapping paper or butterbraids!

CSC – Collaborative School Committee – work with principal and staff to guide the curriculum and decide how the Grant is spent. (See the CSC web page.)

Choice – SchoolChoice and Enrollment – Any DPS student who wants to attend a school other than their automatically assigned neighborhood school can take part in SchoolChoice.

DPS – Denver Public Schools

DRA – Developmental Reading Assessment (classroom based K-3)

Enrichment – Optional after-school classes for Bromwell students. A fee is required. Enrichment classes include sports, music, dance, and more. (See the Enrichment web page.)

Faculty Grant – the grant raised by the PTA and promised to DPS via the CSC for the next school year. (Read more about PTA fundraising.)

GT / HGT – Gifted and Talented / Highly Gifted and Talented program. (See the Gifted and Talented Education web page.)

Discovery Link (DL) – An on-site, licensed, school-age child care program providing care before and after school. (See the Discovery Link web page.)

Missoula – a town in Montana but also a theater program that comes to Bromwell each year and puts on a theater performance in a single week.

PTA – Parent Teacher Association – Fundraise, promote volunteerism & strengthen the school community. (See the PTA web page.)

SOAR – Bromwell’s motto, an acronym for Safety, Ownership, Achieve, Respect – promoting a culture of caring and respectful behavior and ensuring a safe environment for students.

Specials – Classes taught by school-wide specialist teachers rather than a student’s regular classroom teacher. Specials include Art, Dance and Drama, Music, Library, and Physical Education.

SPF – School Performance Framework

TCAP – Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (replaces Colorado State Assessment Program, CSAP). A new assessment should be in place in 2014 and academic standards will be fewer, clearer and more demanding.