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Bromwell Virtual Tour

Check out our school through our virtual tour! The virtual tour allows you to virtally “walk” through our hallways, visit our classrooms, and view our building. Thank you for visiting our virtual tour!

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Principal Post June 2020

June 29, 2020

Download a pdf of this letter here. 

Dear Bromwell Parents,

June 29, 2020

Dear Bromwell Parents,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the first month of summer break! In keeping with a popular theme this year, it’s been a time of change and firsts for my family. We started our summer with a move into a new home. My oldest son, Minor, traveled to North Dakota for lake time with his grandfather. Baron, my almost three-year-old, graduated to a new preschool classroom. Between unpacking, renovations, and keeping up with my boys, it’s been a busy summer so far — and that doesn’t cover the work underway to plan for the new school year!

As our Superintendent shared last week, Denver Public Schools is planning to open all schools for full, in-person learning in August. You can read more about this announcement — as well as the option for 100% remote learning — here . This decision was made in concert with the most recent mental health research and specifically a MDHP report which considered the important role schools play in providing both academic instruction and social-emotional support. Also factoring into the district’s decision was the emerging data that suggest children are less likely to become sick from Covid-19 and their limited role in spreading the virus.

While this is exciting news for many parents and students, we realize that for others it is a cause of concern. As a school community, we will provide high quality instruction should you plan to return or continue to stay remote. The safety of our students, staff, and community continues to be our top priority.

In this time of uncertainty, there is one absolute: the way we once interacted as a learning community will look very different this upcoming school year. The teaching team and staff are busy preparing plans which we are eager to share with you soon.

Speaking of planning, please save the date to join me and the PTA on Thursday, July 9 at 6:30 p.m. for a Bromwell Virtual State of the School meeting. An invitation will be sent via Flyer and email next week. During this meeting, I will share initial plans for our return to in person learning, and will be available to answer questions from the community. Please help inform this discussion and our overall planning by filling out this quick survey no later than July 10.

I am so thankful for the support from the community and your patience these past few months — and appreciate your continued support in this unprecedented time. I will formally return to work on July 13 focusing first on developing Bromwell’s master schedule and logistical plans. I realize how important it is to stay in touch so count on regular communication from this point forward. Again, I hope this finds you well, and I look forward to seeing you on July 9 at 6:30 p.m. for our Virtual State of the School Meeting.


Valecia von Weise,

Principal Bromwell Elementary

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Principal Welcome

Bromwell Families,

It is with great honor that I join the Bromwell Community as your principal. I am so excited for this opportunity and even more so to get to know all of the students, staff, and community members that make up this great school.

I am a values based school leader who prioritizes strong and trusting relationships. I believe through collaboration, transparent communication, and reflective conversations, we can create an environment in which every student succeeds. My student centered and service oriented approach is how I will engage all members of the community.

My career in DPS began as a special education teacher at McMeen Elementary. I then transitioned into leadership as a Ritchie Intern. Since that time I have served a few different roles all with the intention of expanding my leadership skills. I served as the assistant principal at Samuels Elementary, Data Culture Coordinator and Instructional Support Partner both in central office, and the past two years as the assistant principal at Carson Elementary in the neighboring HillTop community.

As a lifelong learner myself, I look forward to leading the Bromwell community in their mission and vision to ensure all students have the opportunity to explore and engage in their learning with creativity and passion. I am dedicated to maintaining an atmosphere of excellence for all students and will ensure that every child is safe, thriving, and discovering the joy of learning.

I look forward to sharing more with you about myself, and again getting to know all of you! I hope you have had a wonderful summer and you will be hearing from me again soon. I am truly honored to be your new principal.

Valecia von Weise, Principal

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Principal Post: Happy New Year Edition 2019


Merry & Bright.

Dear Bromwell Families,

It is hard to believe that our winter break is here! I just want to take a moment to thank ALL of you for being an important part of Bromwell and wish you a happy new year.

The start to the 2018-19 school year has been amazing, and full of students and families exhibiting our core values of compassion, bravery, and being All In! I feel lucky to be part of this school community each and every day. Before we return from break I wanted to share some of the great things that have happened at Bromwell in 2018:

  • Assessment results from 2017-18 show that Bromwell students are continuing a long tradition of academic excellence, and also showed that we are significantly closing the achievement and growth gaps that have existed with our students of color. We also moved solidly in to the Green SPF category…and are on our way to a Blue/Distinguished rating! Your kiddos are crushing it!
  • Through generous PTA contributions and donations from parents, we have added two 3D printers, 5 touch screen TVs, 7 Ozobot robots, two soccer goals (debuting after break!), and 12 iPads!
  • Cheers to our Bromwell Annual Fund, which raised $107,000!
  • We have added a Bromwell app for sharing communication and updates – as well as our lunch menu!
  • The Winter Concert, showcasing the vocal talents of our ECE through 2nd grade students, delighted a full auditorium!
  • We added a full-time school psychologist, John Gallagher, who has been a great addition in working with students and teachers to create a compassionate and positive school culture.
  • Second Step Social Emotional Learning has been launched as a curriculum to all grades. The purpose of this is to provide students with good conflict resolution and develop strong social-emotional skills.
  • Bromwell classrooms have added over $4,000 in independent reading books, many of which feature diverse main characters, including race, culture, religion, and gender.
  • Students have shown great compassion this semester – gathering coats for a coat drive, caroling at Brookdale Senior Center, making winter care packages for the homeless, and putting together holiday baskets for Bromwell families.

Everyone here at Bromwell brings their best every single day, and works hard to put together a fun and rigorous experience for your child. The students come each day with bright faces and are eager to learn (which makes our job even better!)

I want to thank all of you for your commitment to your child’s education, and to our school community. Again, please accept our heartfelt wishes for a fun-filled and memorable winter break.

See you all on Monday, January 7, 2019!

Thank you for being ALL IN!

Andrew Hodges, Principal

It was a December to remember! Here are a few of our favorite things: preparing holiday baskets for Bromwell families, making care packages for the homeless (third grade), meeting a few new baby bear cubs, and filling our parents, friends and families full of holiday joy during the school’s second winter concert. Rock on Bromwell! And don’t worry, we’ve got lots of fun in store for the new year. Save these dates:
  • Cherry Cricket Dine Out Wednesday, January 16
  • Parent Party end of January (details coming soon!)
  • Principal Coffee & Science Fair January 25
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Bromwell School Performance Framework (SPF) Results

Dear Bromwell Families,   Students aren’t the only ones who get report cards, schools do, too! Within Denver Public Schools this comes in the form of the School Performance Framework, or “SPF” for short. The SPF measures many important aspects of what we know makes a great school, such as: 
  • student and parent satisfaction,
  • improvement in state test scores from year to year
  • and how well the school serves and challenges all of its students.
The SPF provides essential feedback to me, as well as our staff and teachers, helping the Bromwell community work together to maintain strengths and make progress in key areas where improvement is needed.

I’ve prepared this short video announcing Bromwell’s SPF results. Spoiler alert: it’s good news. We’re moving on up! Please join me in person for an in-depth SPF discussion on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018 at 7 p.m., as part of our our annual State of the School Meeting. At this important meeting, we will also cover the following:

  • SPF deep dive, and information about other tests we’re using to evaluate performance
  • School Finances
  • Capital and classroom improvements
  • Strategic planning 
  • Annual Fund update (now’s a great time to click and give!)
Look for an electronic meeting invite and more information about the State of the School Meeting coming soon.  Thank you as always for supporting our efforts to make Bromwell a center of academic excellence that meets the needs of every individual child.  Sincerely, Andrew Hodges Principal, Bromwell Elementary School
Melissa Zink
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Melissa Zink

Response to Intervention

Intervention Teacher, Melissa Zink joined us full-time for the 2013/14 school year. She works with small groups of students to help boost reading, writing, and math skills. Melissa has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University and a master’s degree from the University of Colorado in Education and English as a Second Language. She has worked as a Fifth Grade Teacher, Math Facilitator, and Intervention Teacher. She is an outdoor and travel enthusiast and spends lots of time with her family hiking, biking, and skiing.
Rachele Johnson
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Rachele Johnson

Speech / Language Therapist

Rachele Johnson, Bromwell’s Speech & Language Therapist, works with children who have communication problems that affect their success in classroom activities, social interaction, literacy, and learning. She works at Bromwell on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Rachele is originally from Detroit, Michigan. She received her training at Michigan State University and the University of Toledo.
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The History of Bromwell

Picture of the front of Bromwell Elementary School.Way Back in 1867 Bromwell’s rich history dates back to the wooden frame school built in 1867. The school was then named for the town of Harman, and was a part of Arapahoe County. The 320 acre town site was named after its founder, Edwin P. Harman, and his wife Lou. Harman School was the center of social and political activity. Church meetings and the Town Board met there until 1891, when the Town Hall was built at 4th and St. Paul. The original school stood where Bromwell’s main playground is now. It was a two-story building, heated entirely by a coal furnace which ultimately caused the school to burn down in 1883. By 1885 it was replaced by a Colorado sandstone structure which experienced several improvements and enlargements over the next ten years.
Mothers in Action
In 1895, the town of Harman was annexed into the city of Denver. Harman’s residents were eager for the lower tax revenues and other amenities enjoyed by Denver’s citizens. Simultaneously, the town enjoyed a building-boom with the development of a business district in the area of Third and Detroit. That same year, the Harman Kindergarten Mothers’ Association was organized. The Association helped furnish equipment for the school’s kindergarten and bought many necessities such as paper, curtains, dishes, and tablecloths. Members of the Harman Kindergarten Mother’s Association paid ten cents admission charge and dues were one cent per week. Each mother was assessed one cake, or its equivalent, once during the school-year. The jurisdiction of Harman School changed from Arapahoe County to Denver County when Denver was incorporated as a County in 1901. With a new administration came the demise of the Mother’s Association. They were informed that their help was no longer required; however, the group decided to continue as a social and civic club. The club was renamed the Columbine Mothers’ Club, and today maintains one of the longest histories of charitable work of any organization in the Denver area.
A Name Change that Remains
In 1906, the Denver School Board changed Harman School’s name to Bromwell Elementary in honor of Judge Henry P.H. Bromwell, a poet and politician who had come to Colorado from Illinois in the 1870’s. He had been a close friend of Abraham Lincoln, a framer of the constitution of the State of Colorado, and an early champion of women’s suffrage.
Fire Number Two Means Rebuilding for Third Time
The school building was damaged by another fire in 1911, but again was repaired and rebuilt. The old building could not, however, forever adapt to dictates of progress and the needs of a growing population. Eventually it was decided that a new school should be built and that the old building should be torn down.
James Manley’s Mark on Bromwell
The transition from the old building was overseen by James Manley, Bromwell’s principal from 1973 unti1 1984. Manley succumbed to cancer in 1984. He will always be remembered fondly by neighborhood residents and the members of the school community. These groups petitioned the city government to name the park to the north of the school in his honor. In 1996 their petition was approved, and the park was dedicated in a ceremony attended by members of Manley’s family and by students and teachers. It was the first park in Denver to be named after an educator. The Bromwell neighborhood, while very much a part of modern age, enjoys a heritage that can be traced back to the earliest days of Denver history. Parents, teachers, and students alike are enriched by this history as we learn together and as we face the future.
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