Ann Sims

Special Education Teacher


Support Staff

  • Living our Values! This year I am focusing on being brave. I chose being brave because teaching and Colorado are all new experiences for me. Bravery to me, means stepping outside of my comfort zone to experience new opportunities, as well being willing to build relationships with students, teachers, and support staff. 
  • Bio: I am an Illinois native, who moved to Colorado in June. I choose to move to Colorado because my fiance Katie and I were wanting to explore and we love the mountains. I completed my undergraduate degree in Special Education at Eastern Illinois University. Directly after graduating, I then completed my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction also at Eastern Illinois University. This is my first year at Bromwell as well as my first year teaching. 
  • Hobbies: When I am not at school, I enjoy nature. My favorite thing to do is sit in a hammock with my dog and a good book. I also love hiking, ziplining, and camping.