Bromwell annual fund, bridging the gap

Every year, the Bromwell community comes together to help bridge the gap between the funding provided by the school district and the actual cost of offering our students and children an enriched learning environment. Paraprofessionals, Specials Classes, Technology, and much more are all part of the gap.

The Annual Fund takes place during the month of February and is simple yet effective. You contribute whatever amount you are comfortable with and you’re done.

How can I give? Done through PayPal and select a one time or recurring monthly payment or choose one of our other options below.
Make a one-time donation:

Make a recurring monthly donation:

Monthly donation amount:

Number of months:

CHECK OR CASH – Complete the 2018 Donation Form and mail or drop off at Bromwell Elementary.

EMPLOYER MATCHING GIFT – Ask your employer to match your donation and double your giving.

FRIENDS & FAMILY – Invite a family member or friend to support Bromwell on your child’s behalf. Contact the Annual Fund Committee if you would like us to mail them a letter:

Thank you

Annual Fund Committee: Amy Butz, Shawna Peters, Cheryl Titus, Lindsey McKeever, Johnna Stuart, and Christine Mohr

Annual fund information
Click to listen to principal Andrew Hodges talk about the Annual Fund.