Bromwell’s kindergarten teachers are Amy Ford and Bailey Slocum. Bromwell provides the opportunity for families to pay tuition to have their children attend full-day kindergarten. The program is educationally and socially balanced and is integrated with all-school activities such as PE. DPS page on Tuition Rates and Tuition Assistance.

Amy Ford

Years teaching? Since 1990 Why teaching? Teaching and children are my passion Why Bromwell? I was ready for a change. I taught 3, 4, 5 grades at my previous school for 12 years and was ready to try something different. What could be more different than going from upper grades to Kindergarten. Best change in my career! I love the little ones! Alma Mater? University of Northern Colorado Hometown? Colorado Native! I love everything Denver and Colorado have to offer! Favorite food? I am a meat and potatoes girl at heart but I also love pasta…homemade! Hobbies? Skiing, hiking and working out Hero or heroine? Princess Fiona from Shrek…she is a rock star. Best part of teaching? Watching the “light come on” when the kids get it and being able to witness their excitement for learning! Funniest moment teaching? One of my boys came into school with his pants on backwards and all morning long he kept trying to put his hands in his pockets. I have never seen so many awkward positions or facial expressions! I couldn’t figure out what he was doing until I saw his pants….it was hysterical! Of course as soon as I quit laughing I helped him get his pants on correctly and he was much happier. Dream vacation destination? Italy Favorite play or musical? West Side Story Most endearing quote from a student? One of my boys that has been out of kindergarten for a few years came up to me and said, “Ms. Ford will you be my BFF… forever and ever? Even when I get married?” I heart my kids!

Bailey Slocum

bailey slocum hammond

Miss Slocum’s Kindergarten website

Why teaching? I love being able to help raise our world’s next generation! Working with children is my absolute passion and I could never imagine spending my days doing anything else. Hometown? Parker, CO Favorite food? I am a seafood lover! I could eat sushi every day! Hobbies? I have been a swimmer my whole life and love being in the water. I also enjoy cooking and practicing yoga. Pets? A Beagle/Blue Heeler Mix named Phoebe

Funniest moment teaching? I love the day to day quotes that I hear from listening to my students interact with each other! One of my favorites was when a student in my classroom was yelling to another student about running to the playground, “It’s called a sideWALK not a sideRUN!”

Dream vacation destination? Greece

Favorite play or musical? Wicked