Collaborative School Committee

The Collaborative School Committee is a group of parents, teachers, and the school’s principal that is tasked with guidance of aspects of the school curriculum, initiatives, goals, budget decisions, and communication with the school community and the community at large. CSC meets once a month during the school year, typically on the first Wednesday of each month after the school day ends. There are 4 parent representatives on CSC, and these are elected positions. Each year, two parents are elected in the spring, and the two elected parents serve two-year terms, so there is a different mix of the four parents each year. Additionally, there are 4 teacher representatives and one paraprofessional representative on the CSC, a member of the community at large, and a member of the PTA Board typically observes the CSC meeting. The school’s principal acts as the head of the CSC, runs the monthly CSC meetings, and acts as a tie-breaker in any tied votes taken during the meetings. Typically, one of the parents keeps meeting notes and circulates the minutes to the other members of the CSC, and one parent typically acts as the primary liaison to the principal outside of the meeting times. Meetings are always open to the public.

To supplement the official guidelines from DPS, we felt that it was important as your Bromwell CSC to offer our interpretation of what CSC is, and just as importantly, what CSC is not.

What CSC Is:

What CSC Is Not:

CSC meetings are open to everyone! Please join us either in person or virtual.

Bromwell CSC Bylaws

The Bromwell CSC Bylaws were developed to provide the CSC committee with an established set of rules and procedures under which to most effectively function. Download and read the CSC Bylaws

CSC Members

2021-2022 CSC Members

  • Valecia von Weise-Principal
  • Fallon Newman- Senior Team Lead
  • Sarah Simpson– 5th grade teacher
  • Anne Marie- 1st grade teacher
  • Briana Rimkus- 4th grade teacher
  • Laura Seitz – parent
  • Tracy Killian – parent
  • Natalie Crump – parent
  • Shania McNeal- community member
More Information on the CSC

For information regarding the CSC, please visit the DPS CSC information page here.