Parent Teacher Association


The role of the Bromwell Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is to raise funds, promote volunteering, support our faculty and teachers and foster a sense of community. Most of the money raised during the year is given to the school as an annual grant, and the Collaborative School Committee (CSC) decides how that money can best benefit our school and its students. Fundraising takes place with the Annual Fund in the fall and a fundraising event in the Spring. Volunteering opportunities both large and small are available throughout the year, as are community-building events that let our community spend time together.

Join the PTA

The Bromwell PTSA is a collective, active voice for decisions that impact your student’s health, safety and quality of education! Dues are $6.25 per person, per year. 

Follow this link to join today.

After you submit the form, you will be directed to our PayPal account to pay with a credit card. Cash or checks can be mailed to or dropped off at the Bromwell office. Scroll to the bottom of this page to download a printable version of the PTA Membership Form.

Benefits of Membership


Be a part of your student’s learning experience by assisting in the classrooms and helping to organize fundraising and community building events. In the same way that our school would be a different place without the funds we raise, the same is true for the time and dedication of adult volunteers. Last year over 65 volunteers donated countless hours to Bromwell! 

Click here to view a current listing of volunteer needs across our committees and projects and sign up for a slot or two. Need help deciding? Let us know and we’ll help you find the right fit.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a printable Volunteer Interest Form.

Please note that all In-School Volunteer jobs will require proof of vaccination and a free, quick background check.

Attend PTA Meetings

PTA meetings take place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month and are open to the Bromwell community. Most meetings will be virtual; any changes will be communicated through Room Parent emails and the Bwell Bulletin.

2021-2022 Meetings

Meet the PTA

Jodi Sewell,  Co-President

This is our seventh year at Bromwell, and we have two students currently at our school, Grace in 4th grade and Audrey in 1st grade.  Our oldest went to Bromwell for Kindergarten-5th grade and is headed to 6th grade this fall. The Bromwell Community has meant a lot to our family, and I look forward to supporting the students, staff, and parents as Co-President this academic year.

Emily Gillette, Co-President

This is my third and last year at Bromwell, with Abigail (Abbey), in 5th grade.  I also have an 8th grader at Hill and an 11th grader at East.  I believe strongly in public education and advocacy for our young learners and school community.  I look forward to being a part of a group of incredibly proactive and caring PTA members and volunteers in making this a great school year after a long challenging period of learning for our kids.  

Ashleigh Danielli, Secretary

This will be my family’s third year at Bromwell and in the country! I have children in 2nd Grade and Kindergarten. We chose Bromwell because of its great reputation and fantastic community. I’m excited to be joining the PTA this year to serve as Secretary and work alongside an enthusiastic team for the benefit of our school and kids. 

Stacy Trent, Treasurer

This is our fourth year at Bromwell. I have a son in 2nd grade (Will) and a daughter (Claire) in ECE this year. I look forward to contributing to our school and community this year.

Andrea Stapleford, Co-VP Communications

Mum to one, Henry (Grade 2), I am new to the PTA team this year, but have been a Bromwell parent for three years.  I love being informed, and hope to help ensure all parents and caregivers have the information they need to actively participate in the Bromwell community.  I truly believe our community is what makes Bromwell so special.    

Jamie Winter, Co-VP Communications

We have two boys at Bromwell in 1st grade and 4th grade. This is our fourth year at Bromwell! As the owner of a PR agency, communications is a priority for me in my work and personal life. While I have a been a PTA member for a few years, I am excited to serve on the PTA as Co-VP of Communications to keep Bromwell families up to date on what is going on at the school and in our community. 

Christina Albanese, Co-VP Community

Although a newbie to the PTA, this will be our family’s 5th year at Bromwell. Charlie will be entering 4th Grade & Cora 2nd. We also have 1 year old twins… ECE can’t come soon enough! Without a doubt, what makes Bromwell so special is its exceptional community. I am thrilled to be included on this team to help create moments to reconnect after months of separation. 

Sara Schiffer, Co-VP Community

This will be our family’s fourth year at Bromwell! Walt is in third grade, and Susie is a first-grader–we are so proud to be Bromwell Bears! I’m looking forward to continuing Bromwell’s successful dine-out program, raising funds and fun for the community!

Tracy Killian, VP Fundraising

This is our family’s 5th year at Bromwell and I also have a senior at East HS. Our school and community is so special and I look forward to helping in every aspect of fundraising this year including coordination of the fun run this spring. We are “All In” for another great year as Bromwell Bears!

Erin Phelan, VP, Membership

This will be our family’s 4th year at Bromwell! Bethany (3rd) and Ward (2nd) have enjoyed every minute of their time at our little gem of a school and I am proud to support the PTA in my capacity as membership and volunteers chair.

Officer Descriptions

The President shall: A) preside at all meetings of this local PTA and board of directors; B) serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee and the financial review/audit committee; C) coordinate the work of the officers and committees of this local PTA in order that the purposes may be promoted; D) perform such other duties as may be provided for by these bylaws, prescribed by the parliamentary authority, or directed by the board of directors; E) appoint standing and special committee chairs with the approval of the board of directors, with the exception of the nominating and financial review/audit committees chairmen; and F) appoint special committees, as needed, with the approval of board of directors. The Vice-President(s) shall: A) serve as aide(s) to the president; B) perform the duties of the president in the president’s absence or inability to serve; and C) perform such other duties as may be provided for by these bylaws, prescribed by the parliamentary authority, or directed by the president or the board of directors. The secretary shall: A) record the minutes of all meetings of the Bromwell Elementary School PTA board of directors; B) be prepared to read the records of any previous meetings; C) file and maintain all records; D) have a current approved copy of the bylaws; E) maintain a current membership list; and F) perform such other duties as may be provided for by these bylaws, prescribed by the parliamentary authority, or directed by the president or the board of directors. The Treasurer shall: A) have custody of the funds of this local PTA; B) maintain a full account of the funds of this local PTA; C) make disbursements as authorized by the president, the board of directors, or the membership of this local PTA in accordance with the budget adopted by this local PTA; D) be one of the signatories on all PTA accounts (signers of PTA accounts cannot have disbursement authority over school/school district funds); E) keep a full and accurate account of the receipts and disbursements in the books belonging to the Bromwell Elementary School PTA; F) provide a financial report to the board of directors and the membership at each meeting; G) provide an annual report of the financial condition of the organization to the membership at the meeting following the financial review/audit; H) submit the books annually for a financial review/audit by an auditor or a financial review committee selected by the board of directors (A check signatory may not be the auditor or a member of the committee. The financial review must be completed within thirty (30) days of the close of the fiscal year. A report of the completed review will be presented to the board of directors for adoption at the first general board meeting following the completion of the review, and a copy will be submitted to the Colorado PTA.); and I) perform such other duties as may be provided for by these bylaws, prescribed by the parliamentary authority, or directed by the president or the board of directors Bromwell Bylaws.

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