Annual Fund

Each fall, the Bromwell community comes together to celebrate the successes of our school and renew our support through the Annual Fund, the official kick-off to fundraising at Bromwell. A donation to the Annual Fund is one of the ways you can help fund the difference between per-student funds provided by Denver Public Schools and what it actually costs to enhance the learning environment for all Bromwell students.  Join us and Be All In for Bromwell!

What is the Goal?

100% Participation and $100,000

You can always mail a check or cash to Bromwell Elementary –  2500 E. 4th Avenue, Denver, CO 80206.


Specials Classes

Bromwell values the development of the whole child and is dedicated to its enhanced curriculum offered through Specials. Every student is engaged through movement in P.E., Visual Arts, music, on a daily basis.

Community Events

Events that help form a cohesive environment and appreciation for the Bromwell community.

Teacher & Staff Grants

Money spent in the classrooms that fosters an engaged learning environment including: guided reading books, materials for reading and math stations, academic software, updated technology, optional seating, sensory tables and more!

What is the Goal?

100% Participation

Your continued support is crucial to the success of each child who attends our school. One donation per family, whether it comes from a parent, guardian, family member or friend is all it takes to reach this goal.  All children in your family will receive participation credit for the donation so no need to split up your donation per child. All contributions are appreciated and valued!

If you have any questions regarding a donation refund, please review our Refund Policy

If you have any questions regarding a donation refund, please review our Refund Policy