Special Services

Bromwell has a full-time Mild Moderate Special Education teacher that supports students identified with Individual Education Plans as well as Special Service Providers to support students who qualify for related services.  Bromwell is also dedicated to the Social-Emotional well-being of all students. Students engage in daily Social Emotional Academic Learning (SEAL) lessons facilitated by John Gallagher and Kelly Urbanowski. Principal von Weise also provides our Bears with daily morning announcement videos. Bromwell has a nurse 3 days a week and a health technician 3 days a week. Want to learn more about DPS programs visit: https://studentequity.dpsk12.org/

Ali Hansen, Special Education Teacher, Alison_Hansen1@dpsk12.net

John Gallagher, School Psychologist   John_Gallagher@dpsk12.net

Rachelle Johnson, Speech Therapist   Rachelle_Johnson@dpsk12.net 

Brooke Goudy, School Nurse Brooke_Goudy@dpsk12.net

Kelly Urbanowski, Senior Team Lead Kelly_Urbanowski@dpsk12.net