SPF (School Performance Framework) Report Card

The SPF (School Performance Framework) is a comprehensive system to help schools focus on strengths and areas for targeted improvement. A wide range of measures are used to calculate ratings of how well each school supports student growth and achievement, and how well it serves students and families. Visit the Denver Public Schools SPF page for more information. 2014 School Performance Framework 2013 School Performance Framework 2012 School Performance Framework 2011 School Performance Framework

UIP (Unified Improvement Plan)

The Unified Improvement Plan is our school improvement plan. It is based on academic and growth data for reding, writing and math. We also reflect on the past year’s goals to assess our effectiveness. Based on the data from the previous years, we set goals and identify instructional strategies or professional development that will support the school goals. We also identify action steps that will lead us to success.

Accountability Report

Each fall, Bromwell’s principal presents our school’s Accountability Report at Back to School Night. We like to think of it as the State of the School address with a clear roadmap to continued success! We take a look back on the last academic year and explain where Bromwell stands in terms of achievements and goals set by the principal and Collaborative School Committee (CSC). We then look ahead to goals for the current school year. The Accountability Report examines everything from CMAS results to goals unique to Bromwell and its population. While not included in the actual Accountability Report, the PTA budget is presented and discussed at Back to School Night in terms of how it relates to staffing and programs.