B- Well Bulletin

Posted February 24, 2022

February 24, 2022

Important information, updates, and reminders included below!

  • Covid-19 Updates
  • Read-A-Thon / Book Fair
  • Brain Based Learning Course
  • Point of Contact Reminder
  • Drop Off Procedures

Calendar Planning:

  • March is Women’s History Month
  • March 1-2 – Scholastic Book Fair, In-person @ Bromwell
  • March 1-6 – Book Fair @ The Bookies (In-person and online @ thebookies.com)
  • March 8 @ 7:30pm – Monthly PTA Meeting (Via Zoom)
  • March 10 @ 4pm – Monthly CSC Meeting (Via Zoom)

Covid Restriction Updates – As everyone is probably aware, masks will no longer be required at school starting Monday, February 28.  Along with the change regarding masks, several other Covid related restrictions will be lifted as DPS moves to a routine disease control model for Covid-19; similar to precautions we would take to protect students, teachers and staff from the flu.  Please be aware, these are district driven decisions/changes and not Bromwell Leadership decisions/changes.  A few items of note:

  • Masks will no longer be required, but strongly encouraged. 
  • Students returning to school following Covid infection will still be required to wear a mask for 10 days post-infection.
  • Students who are feeling sick need to stay home.  Students who display Covid-like symptoms while at school may be asked to wear a mask until they are able to be picked up by a parent or guardian. 
  • Transportation policies will follow federal law; Bears riding district-provided buses to school or events will need to wear masks.
  • In-person meetings, events, and performances can return to full capacity (which is based on venue/room size).
  • Visitors, volunteers, and families are permitted at Bromwell.  DPS/Bromwell cannot request verification of vaccination from any student, family member, visitor, or volunteer. 
  • Lunch procedures will return to normal. 
  • ​​Contact tracing and school dictated quarantines are not required by DPS. In the event of an outbreak, the local health department may implement strategies such as universal masking indoors, distancing, testing and contact tracing, and quarantine for close contacts.

Please remember that everyone will receive these changes in policy differently.  Please also note that our Bears may process these changes differently as well.  We will continue to support all of our students and our community however we can; and will ensure that personal decisions are respected. 

Read-A-Thon / Book Fair – Book Fair information (paper packets) will be coming home with your Bears this week.  Let the reading fun begin!  There will be an in-person Book Fair @ Bromwell March 1st and 2nd.  Please note that books will be purchased using “E-Wallet” this year.  Here’s how to sign up!   Bears will also receive a Bingo card complete with reading-based activities.  All of our Bears will have the opportunity to participate in “reading bingo” and bring their completed cards back to school to receive an awesome reward in return!  Library books can serve as a great tool to help your Bear complete the tasks on their Bingo card.  Finally, the second Book Fair will be @ The Bookies March 1st – 6th (thebookies.com) for in-person and on-line shopping.

Professional Development Day – Brain Based Learning – While our Bears were home this past Tuesday, Bromwell staff participated in a workshop, in person, together (while still distancing) for the first time in years.  Our teachers and staff came together to learn about Brain Based Practices from the Educational Access Group.  The work is grounded in understanding both our adult brains and our student’s brains, and how our upbringing and experiences shape our day-to-day lives in school.  It is our hope and vision that partnering with this group will not only help students when they find themselves in the yellow or red zone, but also help students be flexible, build resilience, and manage anxiety and stress.  Just as we encourage our students to use their Toolbox in understanding, naming, and regulating their emotions; we as educators need a diverse set of tools to help our Bears work through any challenges they may face while in our care. 

The overarching objectives of the Educational Access Group is to: help students remain productively in the classroom; make learning accessible to ALL students; support students and staff in a safe context; enable students to develop, practice and master skills in the settings and spaces where they are asked to demonstrate them; equip staff with the knowledge, skills and support needed to appropriately and positively teach, engage and form relationships with ALL students; and to decrease staff burnout and improve staff job satisfaction.

Feedback from our Bromwell staff following the course was overwhelmingly positive and most are eager to put their new knowledge and skills to work!

Point of Contact Reminder – As a reminder, please be sure that all calendar related questions, and questions regarding assignments and instruction go to your Bear(s) classroom teacher.  If they are not able to answer the question, outside their scope, or if the matter requires including in other teachers or staff in the building, they will do so.  

Morning Drop Off Procedures – With a few “inside days” under our belt very recently, it is important that our community be reminded of our Drop-Off procedures for these days.  PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE AND DROP STUDENTS ON 4th / COLUMBINE (North side of the school).  We do not have appropriate staff to cover our north entrance, and congestion with those on foot and regularly icy sidewalks becomes a major safety issue on the north side of the school.  If you are driving, please always use the Kiss‘n’Go lane on E 3rd Place to drop off your Bear(s).  To those braving the cold and walking, you may absolutely approach the school from the north side and walk around to either the Garden Gate or the Alley Gate to drop off your Bear.  They will continue straight into the school through either hallway or classroom doors from there. 

Weekly To Do’s: