B Well Bulletin

Posted September 22, 2022

September 22, 2022

Important Upcoming Dates:
September 23 – Make-Up Picture Day
September 28 – Vineyard Vines Shopping (10% off AND 10% Back)
September 29 – Bear Paw Awards
September 30 – Teacher Planning – NO SCHOOL
October 6 @ 3PM – Brothers BBQ Order Deadline
October 7 @ 6PM – MOVIE NIGHT!
October 9 @ 9-11AM – Campus Beautification Day
October 11 @ 7:30PM – October PTA Meeting (via Zoom)
October 13-17 – FALL BREAK – NO SCHOOL
MAKE-UP PICTURES – Make-Up Picture Day (tomorrow) is for absent students only.  Optional picture retakes will be on Tuesday, October 25, 2022.  These will take place after school, on school grounds. Caretakers will need to be present, and sign-up will be required.  Sign-up will be available once student picture day galleries are live.  Additional information can be found HERE.
BROMWELL GEAR – New Bromwell Gear is now available!  We have t-shirts, hoodies, hats and toques… I mean beanies, for sale.  We will be placing a bulk order to reduce costs.  The ordering window will run from today, September 22 through October 5.  All orders must be completed on or before October 5!  Check out what’s available, and place your orders HERE.  PLEASE INCLUDE A TEACHER’S NAME ASSOCIATED WITH ONE OF YOUR STUDENTS IN THE “COMPANY” FIELD.  New gear will be delivered to school and distributed to students about 2 weeks after the order window closes.  
MORNING DROP-OFF – As a reminder, if you are driving, Kiss & Go on the south side of the school (Columbine & 3rd) is the safest place to drop-off your student.  Students arriving after 8:15AM will need to enter through the front door on 4th & Columbine.  If you are driving, please do not stop in the intersection to let students out of the car.  Please do not stop in the crosswalk to let students out of the car.  We have many families who are also walking into the building at the same time, and this creates an unsafe environment for our families.  If you are driving, and you are late, it is safest to park on Columbine and walk your students across the street.
LIBRARY BOOKS – As many of you know, Bromwell has its very own library at schoo!  We have many wonderful volunteers who staff our library for a couple of hours each day to allow our Bears to check out books to read at home.  Most of the day, our library is not staffed, and we are facing a challenge with books being borrowed without being checked out.  We are asking for our community’s support to ensure Bromwell Library books (they are marked with a stamp on the first page) are returned to school once students are finished reading them.  We ask that you please keep track of books coming home and being returned.  Thank you!
CSC MEETING RECAP – We held our first CSC Meeting this past Tuesday.  If you were unable to make it, slides from the presentation can be found HERE.  Questions?  Please join us for our next meeting!  And keep your eye out for a Principal Post to further discuss our Student Performance Framework and 2022 testing results.
COMMUNITY HANDBOOK – Did you know that there’s a Bromwell Community Handbook that is packed with helpful information?  Because, there is!  It can be accessed HERE.  We strongly encourage all families, new and returning, to review our handbook as information is updated year over year.  
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