B- Well Bulletin

Posted October 14, 2021

October 14, 2021

Important dates and information included in this week’s Bromwell Bulletin!

  • Health & Safety Update
  • Breakfast & Lunch 
  • Disability Awareness Month
  • Bloom School Pictures
  • Vision/Hearing/Dental Screening
  • Library Update
  • Middle School Night
  • Volunteering Info & Thank You! – Please read to the end!  We have a huge shout-out to share!

Calendar Planning:

  • October 15 – 19 – NO SCHOOL 
  • October 21 – 22 – Bloom School Pictures
  • October 26 @ 3:15-3:30 Parent Volunteer Walkthrough
  • October 29 – Come One, Come All to the B-Well Community Fall Crawl!
  • November 1 @ 6:30-7:30 – Creating Community Meeting
  • November 4 @ 5:30-7:00 Middle School Night

Helpful links:

Health & Safety Update – Although this information can be redundant, we cannot stress the importance of the safety measures Bromwell has in place to keep our learning environment safe and students in school.  We ask that at home parents reinforce the importance of mask-wearing.  Students must keep their masks on all day to keep their classmates and staff safe, and they must cover the students nose and mouth and should stay in place without constant adjusting.  This is our first and most effective line of defense against COVID-19 for students at this time.  Hand washing and keeping a safe distance inside is also paramount.  Please remind your Bears to follow these rules for each other!

All students are able to receive a free COVID-19 test thanks to a partnership with COVIDCheck Colorado and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. To schedule a test, visit  https://www.primarybio.com/l/cdphe or scan the QR code below.

COVIDCheck Colorado Testing:

Finally – please keep your Bears home if they are not feeling well!!

Bromwell Remote Learning – In the event of any transition from in-person instruction to a remote learning due to quarantine or weather related school closures, Bromwell Staff will reserve 24 hours to plan for the transition, and to send out remote learning schedules and materials.  Students impacted by individual quarantines can expect materials emailed from classroom teachers.

Breakfast and Lunch @ Bromwell – A quick reminder – lunch will not always align exactly with what is posted on the lunch calendar due to a food shortage in the district, and our cafeteria staff, led by Ms. Catalina Ceniceros, continues to work hard to provide healthy options to our Bears.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we navigate these complex times which now include milk shortages.  Also, all Bears have now had the opportunity to eat in the cafeteria, practice lunchtime social distancing protocols, and eat quickly and safely.  As the weather turns, we will need to have lunch indoors more frequently, and want to ensure we do so as safely as possible!  That said, whenever the weather allows, we will continue to have the students eat outside.

Disability Awareness Month – From October 1-October 31, we will be honoring Disability Awareness Month and Dyslexia Awareness Month. We want to feature how our students are learning about, connecting with, interpreting and honoring this cultural moment through their writing, artwork, music, photos and videos.  Please find additional info here.

Bloom School Pictures – Picture days are October 21st and 22nd.  IF YOU WISH TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE PHOTO TAKEN (AS BLOOM HAS DONE IN THE PAST), PLEASE REGISTER YOUR BEAR BY OCTOBER 20th at 8:00AM, it takes less than a minute! – https://bloomschoolpictures.com/bromwell.  Bloom will also be taking retakes on November 18th in the morning for those families that missed their picture day.

Vision and Hearing Screening dates for the entire school – ALL DPS students (ECE-12th) will have the opportunity to receive screening the school year of 2021-2022.  The screenings are NOT an assessment or an evaluation and do NOT replace professional exams. 

  • Initial Screening Date(s): Oct 27-29, 2021
  • Recheck Screening Date(s): Oct 29, 2021

Library Update – The Bromwell Library is open once again to ALL STUDENTS!!!  Again, a huge thank you to Erin Phalen, Ms. Newman, Ms. Mak, Mrs. McEndree, Emily Peros, Ashleigh Danielli and Lexie Krohn Parker and their amazing effort to make this happen!  Keep an eye out for library books coming home with your Bears!

Middle School Night – The Bromwell PTA will be hosting Middle School Night on November 4th from 5:30-7:00pm to help our families navigate their next step, 6th grade.  All ages are welcome, but the event is especially for 5th and 4th grade families.  We have around 10 schools committed to being in-person at the event thus far, and aim to have 15 or more committed before the 4th. Masks will be required of all participants at all times. We will be providing additional info as it is available.

Volunteering Info & Thank You – The Bromwell Community volunteer movement is strong!  As many new volunteers continue to join the team, we are hosting a quick school walkthrough on October 26th from 3:15-3:30.  This will allow new volunteers who have not been in the school to get “a lay of the land” and understand where they will need to be for their volunteering duties.  All volunteers MUST complete the DPS screening linked above and submit proof of vaccination to Cindy Probst in the Front Office. 

Our parent volunteers are ALL IN for Bromwell! Ahead of launching the Annual Fund next week, we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize all of the parents, guardians and students who are volunteering their time and sharing their talents at Bromwell. In Lunch + Recess Bunch alone, over 40 individuals have signed up for 141 shifts covering days through December!  When you see any of these individuals, please give them a shout out. (And if we inadvertently left your name off this list, please let us know so that we can recognize you in the future!)

Kristin Aaker

Courtney Armstrong

Betsy Atkinson

Tara Bardeen

Carla Beal

Stacy Berk

Lesley Bevan

John Blood

Corinne Buchanan

Nina Cassanova

Jessica Chapman

Erin Cole

Jessica Craig

Emily Daniels

Meg de Windt

Andi Debick

Bethany Dillen

Julie Doman

Sarah Dominick

Maryna Drozd Qureshi

Nick Evans

Tay Gates

Jennifer Goethals

Ryan Goethals

Heather Gragg

Warren Greene

Marie Herzog

Dayna Jaynstein

Nedge Kaliqanaj

Arielle Kelly

Jenn Kloeppel

Lexie Krohn Parker

Becky Lauriha

Mark Lauriha

Dee LaVigne

Ingrid Lobo

Dana Lodico

Molly Lucas

Sara Marker

Linda Matthews

Janeen McQuarrie

Christine Mohr

Barb Monseu

Stacy Moore

Natalie Noon

Tanja Nuhsbaum

June O’Brien

Justin Oliver

Jane Olivier

Charlotte Olsen

Tahreem Pasha

Emily Peros

Ashley Pickering

Tate Pierce

Allison Porter

Jeff Porter

Federica Ragusin

Becky Ralston

Courtney Roupp

Kathryn Rue

Allison Russell

Jessa Schlichter

Laura Seitz

Sangeeta Singh

Scott Stapleford

Johnna Stuart

Edd Taylor

Tami Webb

Kara Wefel

Kathy Whitlow

Shawn Williams

Devon Williford

Jill Wilschke

And the following Bromwell students (and alumna) who helped with Beautification:

Will Blood

Claire Blood

Poppy Danielli

Flynn Danielli

Mason Killian

Declan McQuarrie

Genevieve McQuarrie

Ward Phelan

Audrey Sewell

Ella Sewell

Henry Stapleford

Blake Taylor

And if your availability has changed or you are ready to take the plunge, it’s not too late to add your name to this list. Click here to get started!

Weekly To Do’s:

  • October 15, 18, 19 – NO SCHOOL!!!
  • Signup for K, 1, 3, 5 Lunch+Recess Duty (11:00 – 11:50) – HERE
  • Signup for 2nd & 4th Lunch+Recess Duty (11:50 – 12:35) – HERE
  • Please register your student for school photos if desired by Wednesday, October 20th at 8:00AMHERE

See you all next week!