Bromwell Highlight!

Posted April 15, 2022

Three weeks ago Nurse Brooke testified in front of the Colorado Senate committee in favor of House Bill 1028. 

In her testimony she spoke about being a nurse at Bromwell Elementary “ I work for DPS.  I am a proud registered nurse for Bromwell Elementary.  Go Bears!  I live in the community and I ride my bike to work.  It is a great opportunity to inspire my students and show them that we can have alternative forms of getting to work and school  and  we do not always have to go by car.  They know me as the biking nurse because I am always traveling by bike and they even got to follow me this summer as I traveled by bike from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. On my commute to work- Safety is my number one concern and the amount of anxiety that I feel when I come to a stop sign or traffic light and I see traffic back up behind me makes me even more nervous.  This bill allows me to legally make a common sense decision that keeps me safe and able to ride another day so that I can continue to serve the amazing elementary students.”

That bill ended up moving from the Colorado Senate to the desk of Governor Polis and yesterday she was invited by Governor Polis to watch him sign into law the Safety Stop Bill.

To learn more about this bill, check out Colorado’s Legislative website for more info!