Bromwell’s ECE program:

  • Eligibility: Students who turn 4 on or before October 1st are eligible for 4 year old preschool programs.
  • Full-Day: Bromwell ECE will be a Full-Day, Tuition-Based class (8:25am – 3:10pm)
  • Guaranteed spots: Boundary students will be projected to Bromwell for Kindergarten and have a guaranteed spot.
  • Not guaranteed but Priority: Non-Boundary students are not guaranteed a spot in kindergarten and will have to Choice in. Although these students will not be guaranteed a spot they will have a priority going into kindergarten with the completion of the SchoolChoice Application.

DPS page on Tuition Rates and Tuition Assistance.

For more information on SchoolChoice and Enrollment and the Choice enrollment forms please visit the website at SchoolChoice