Principal Post 01/26/24

Posted February 13, 2024

January 26, 2024

Bromwell Families, 

As I shared with you at the beginning of the school year, Bromwell students and staff throughout the year will participate in school-wide safety drills. While we thought only one lockdown drill was required per school year, Safety and Security updated guidelines and we are now required to conduct one per semester. The goal of these drills is to remind students about these safety procedures and have an opportunity to practice them.  All drills are planned in conjunction with District Safety Office support and students have the chance to discuss their emotional responses with their teachers as well as support staff as needed.  

Today, students at Bromwell participated in a scheduled Lockdown Drill and then moved into a Secured Perimeter with the DPS Department of Safety. The Lockdown Drill that was conducted today will be the FINAL Lockdown Drill for the 23-24 school year. 

LOCKDOWN DRILLS: This type of drill will secure the school building and safely shelter all students, staff and visitors inside the building. The purpose of this drill is to keep the students safe from any danger outside or inside the building. During a “Lockdown Drill”, all perimeter doors to the school building will be secured, and will remain secured until the danger has passed. No one will be allowed to enter or leave the building until the authorities release the lockdown.

SECURED PERIMETER DRILLS A “Secured” will be initiated when there is a threat or hazard outside of the school building. Whether it is due to violence or criminal activity in the immediate neighborhood or a dangerous animal in the playground, Secured uses the security of the building to act as protection. Students and staff that are outside of the school building are brought inside and resume normal school activities in the building. To ensure safety, no one will be allowed to enter or leave the building unless authorized by authorities.

Bromwell students and staff completed this practice drill in just a few minutes and following the drill classrooms were visited by Ms. Bourgeois and myself.  During this time, students and staff used the “Zones of Regulation” language to describe individual and whole class emotions as a result of the Lockdown Drill.  Classrooms then immediately returned to normal operations. 

Should you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to email me at or 

More information from DPS regarding these drills can be found here.


Valecia von Weise, Principal

Amber Bourgeois, Principal Resident

Bromwell Elementary