Principal Post

Posted June 2, 2023

June 2, 2023

Dear Bromwell Families,

Wow, what a week/month/year at Bromwell! For some of you, this is the last Principal Post that you’ll get from me. For others, you have years still at Bromwell to look forward to, and of course, some of you are in between. Regardless, I have very much enjoyed spending the last school year with your child, and am proud beyond words at what we all have accomplished as a community this school year.

I just reread my first Principal Post of this school year, full of anticipation for our first year back to “normal” since March of 2020. Our Staff was planning for a school year full of academic, social, emotional, and physical growth, and with hard work and dedication of our entire team of students and staff, we achieved it! Every grade level saw significant academic improvement in both literacy and math, but perhaps more importantly, our Bears made lifelong friendships, personal discoveries, and grew by leaps and bounds emotionally.

And yet, of course, our job is not complete. We will take a rest this summer, spend time with our families, and come back ready to be the best students, friends, classmates, teammates, and teachers we can be. If this is your last year at Bromwell, we wish you the absolute best. If we will see you in August, we can’t wait.

My best,

Valecia von Weise

Oh, and P.S.:

Here are some details about the coming school year.

  • Office Closed: June 5th- July 31st
  • First Day of School: Monday, August 21, 2023
  • School Day runs from 7:40-2:40 for the 2023-2024 School Year. We do have bus service for those who are in Bromwell’s boundary and qualify, Kiss N Go, bikers, and walkers. More details on that coming in August.
  • School Day Schedule and Lunch: If you need meal assistance, please fill out the form here. As we get closer to school starting, your child’s teacher will communicate their daily schedule including details about recesses, snacks required, etc. Every student is encouraged to bring a clean water bottle each day.
  • School Supplies: You can take this off your list now by ordering school supplies directly from 1st Day School Supplies.
  • School Handbook: There are many informational resources including our School Handbook posted on our website under Parent Resources. Please take a moment to read through those tabs.
  • School Calendar: Bromwell follows the standard DPS calendar with a few extra Data Dig days for staff to meet and develop individualized learning plans. Here is the Bromwell School Calendar for the 2023-2024 school year.
  • Homeroom/Teacher Assignments will be communicated no later than August 15, 2023.

Mark Your Calendars

  • Welcome to Bromwell Picnic (Meet your Teacher and Family Picnic)– Friday, August 18th, 12-2PM
  • First Day Of School– Monday, August 21st at 7:40AM
  • Back to School Night– August 31st, 5PM- 7PM