Brooke Goudy

School Nurse


Health Services

  • Living our Values!  What is the value you are focusing on this year and why?  2-3 sentences
    • This year I am focusing on being joyful.  Admittedly. I am a very joyful person and its important that our community see my joy.  Joy is contagious and I hope to spread it throughout this building.  
  • Bio: 2-3 Sentences
    • I am the school nurse and have been supporting the Bromwell community for 11 years.  My speciality is in pediatric and I am a certified asthma nurse.  
  • Hobbies: 2-3 Sentences 
    • I love all types of cycling.  My favorite is mountain biking, but I also spend time on long adventure trips bikepacking.  Last summer I rode my bike from Canada to Mexico.