Tay Gates

SPED Paraprofessional



  • How’s it going Bromwell Family!  The value I want to be living out this year is kindness!  Personally, kindness means the ability to empathize and understand the emotions of others around them and of oneself along with the ability to act on that nature.  My hope is that Bromwell becomes even more kind than it already is and that we foster kindness not only in the classroom but in homes as well.
  • I am from Valdosta, GA and have received my bachelor’s in Psychology. I came to Denver as an Au Pair with the sense that I would be able to reconnect with myself after graduating during pandemic.  I’m still looking to find my life long career and I hope that my time at Bromwell will help me decide on where my gifts would be best suited.
  • Outside of school I love to sing, I’m looking for more outlets to sing then I currently have.  I also love to play video games, watch movies,  and last but not least I love to talk to people.  I find everyone’s stories amazing and I could literally talk to most people for hours on end.